Kiowa County does not have adequate funds to perform an all out effort to place this issue on the ballot. Therefore, rather than employ paid lobbyists, our appeal is directly to you via this letter. We believe the process is better served to request your allowance of the question and then permit the voters to render their decision.

While providing some economic benefit to the state, our primary purpose is to expand the county tax base, provide added county revenue, offer increased job opportunity and serve as a multiplier effect for the county as well as the surrounding area.

Increased revenue will prompt completion of a Visitors Center and Research Library, located in Eads, for the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site. This center is vital to insuring the potential of Sand Creek. Casino gaming club casino canada generated revenue will also enable development of the 1931 Towner School Bus Tragedy site.

We believe this incident should be recognized as a State and National Historic Site because of the nationwide impact on ensuing school safety regulations as well as the heroic efforts of those involved

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Our vision is for a very modest, privately owned gaming facility. Something similar to what is in Dodge City, Kan.

This would be a single casino with slot machines and the usual casino games. It would be located in Kiowa County along the US Hwy. 287 corridor.

We are aware of past rejection of proposed gambling questions but we believe our situation is at least somewhat different. The scope of our venture would not impose a major competition to existing facilities.

Our proposal does promote preservation of National Heritage Tourism. We do not see this as an end to our economic means but as an enhancement for future development.

The population of Kiowa County is one of the lowest in the state at 1412. We have one of the lowest assessed valuations in the state at $41,826,920. We are void of industry other than dry land agriculture.

We are south of the best region for oil and gas development. Lack of transmission lines precludes wind and solar energy development. The V&S Railroad that runs through the county has filed for abandonment.

The once popular Great Plains reservoirs, south of Eads, have dried up and water restrictions will probably prevent their ever re-filling. We are the lowest or next to lowest in County salaries of all Counties in Eastern Colorado. An economic boost is truly needed to help move Kiowa County and our heritage forward.

The voters of Colorado empathized with two economically struggling counties back in 1990 to save heritage mining communities.

We believe that, given the opportunity, Colorado voters will see justification in helping another economically struggling county and promote heritage tourism in Kiowa County.

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